My autumn capsule 2021

Sep 13, 2021 | Capsule wardrobe guides | 4 comments

Deler en masse tanker om min nuværende efterårs capsule i videoen nedenfor. Der er også en håndfuld tips sidst i videoen til, hvordan du bliver bedre til at spotte god kvalitet – og ellers kan du læse lidt med i DETTE indlæg. Der gemmer sig 3 nye tilføjelser, ellers er resten favoritter af ældre dato (kan ikke fatte min elskede camel frakke er 4 år gammel efterhånden!). Er I ved at være klar til efteråret?

ENG.: I’m sharing all about the style and inspiration of my autumn capsule in the video below. There’s also a bunch of tips all about how to be able to spot “good quality” – otherwise, you might want to read THIS post. I’ve made 3 purchases for my autumn capsule wardrobe, the rest is older faves (can you believe my beloved camel coat is 4 years old now?). Are you guys ready for the autumn season yet?


  1. Debbie

    Hi from the US. So glad I found you! I love your style and sustainable mindset as it matches mine (or the way I am trying to be!). You have been an enormous help to moving me forward toward the way I want to dress, especially since I now have my own business and work from home. I want to look casually sleek, not frumpy but need it to be effortless since I have a busy life. Finally! A well thought out way to do a capsule wardrobe that is easy, makes sense, and looks beautiful. I’m especially loving it since I am a neutral girl at heart who has always had a tough time putting together “outfits” so appeciate all of the photos/videos of outfit combos. Also love your lifestyle – beauty and travel – posts as well as the app reviews and links to sustainable shopping. There’s so much here. Please don’t ever stop. I’m devouring all of your videos and blog posts 🙂

  2. Linnea Lund

    Jag letar på bloggen på din årskapsel . All Year kapsule.
    Men kan hitta den ??
    Var kan jag finna den ??
    Hälsn Linnea

  3. Dianne

    Signe I always enjoy your comments and You Tube videos! It’s almost the end of October again; how things have changed for us all as we complete the second year of COVID. Now I think about how to look pulled together to pick up my granddaughter at school and actually go to a supermarket! I did purchase three simple dresses this last summer versus shorts which I wore taking care of the little one only in the house for several years. The dresses are loose, cool and a fabric that won’t go out of style any time soon so were OK to add; the shorts went to my daughter as we are the same size. I also purchased a pair of black ‘trainers’ and replaced a couple of Tee shirts that were really worn. Here in Southern California the climate change has definitely had an effect on future purchases. Less ironing if possible, energy saving, and keeping cool for more months than imagined years ago. With regards and a hug, Dianne

  4. Rebecca rain

    Please tell me where the names of the brands are written in print. I cannot understand from watching the video because I am not familiar with the danish names. Thank you.


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